Dentistry in College Park

Dental Implants

Just because you’ve lost teeth doesn’t mean you have to give up your hopes of achieving an amazing smile. Implant dentistry allows Dr. Butler to restore your smile to full functionality and breathtaking beauty. Dental implants provide replacement teeth that closely imitate your original dentition.

With training in implant dentistry, Dr. Butler can place and restore your dental implants. First, he'll surgically position the implant in to your jaw. Made of biocompatible titanium, the small posts form prosthetic tooth roots. Once your mouth heals, Dr. Butler will place the porcelain crown on the post, and you can once again enjoy your favorite crunchy foods and smile with renewed confidence thanks to durable, attractive dental implants.

Take back your life. Call our College Park dental office today to make an appointment and reclaim your smile! Patients from Union City, Fairburn, East Point, and Atlanta trust implant dentist Dr. Butler. Learn more about dental implants in our patient library, and then contact our College Park dental office for a consultation.

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