Dentistry in College Park

Restorative Dentistry

Whether you need a simple filling, a solid crown, or a complete set of dentures, Dr. Butler can provide strong, natural looking repairs. With an extensive background in reconstructive and implant dentistry, Dr. Butler will ensure that your smile looks fantastic and can sustain the stress of everyday life. Don’t put up with old fillings and broken teeth any longer.

Dr. Butler can fabricate attractive, stable restorations to fix damaged areas and rejuvenate your whole mouth. He uses tooth-colored materials that will complement your original teeth and create beautiful restorations. We can regenerate your smile, alleviate any pain, and re-establish oral health with:

You deserve a healthy smile. Call our College Park dentist’s office today to schedule a comprehensive exam and discuss aesthetic restorations. We serve the Riverdale, Fairburn, East Point, and Atlanta areas.

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