Dentistry in College Park

Restorative Dentistry


Missing teeth can compromise your oral health and damage your self-esteem. Modern dentures can restore stability in your mouth. Dr. Butler will fit you for custom partial or full dentures that will support your facial muscles and improve mouth function.

Whenever possible, Dr. Butler will recommend immediate dentures, which he can fit in just one visit. With immediate dentures, Dr. Butler can more easily duplicate the size, shade, and arrangement of your natural teeth while some are still present in your mouth. Immediate dentures make the transition to your permanent dentures completely seamless.

Mini implant-supported dentures are another alternative. Small titanium implants function as a prosthetic tooth roots, and Dr. Butler will install a retaining fixture into the base of your dentures. The dentures will then gently rest on the gums, allowing for normal movement.

Don’t wait to call our dental office and schedule an appointment. We see patients from Riverdale, East Point, Union City, and Atlanta in our College Park practice.

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