Dentistry in College Park

Restorative Dentistry


When you develop a cavity, Dr. Butler will need to remove the decay and replace the damaged area with a filling. Because we want your smile to look great and stay solid, we only use tooth-colored fillings. You can achieve nice looking, durable restorations with composite resins.

Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, which contain mercury and other metals, modern fillings are made of composite resin. This material enables Dr. Butler to match the repairs to your natural tooth color. Composite resin fillings also require less removal of healthy tooth structure, and they don’t pose risk of cracking or leakage.

We want to keep your smile gorgeous andstrong. If you live in the Union City, Riverdale, Fairburn, or Atlanta area, contact our College Park dental office to schedule an appointment. Learn more about composite fillings in our patient library.

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